August is for Great Triumphs – Part Two

In my last post I explained how August was named in honor of the first Roman Emperor because it was a month of great triumphs. 


This post is in honor of my Mother and how I’ve learned first hand to never just except what life gives you and to never give up! It’s also a reminder that we can be triumphant at any stage or age in our lives.

First let me share a little brief history about my early childhood that I’ve not shared with many.

I had a pretty normal childhood, yes there are things I’d like to forget and I’m sure that is true with most but about the age of eight or so, something big changed for us.

My father decided he would travel out of state to look for a better job to make things better for us. The thing was, he had actually pre planned to leave and not return, leaving my mother with three kids and no resources to exist on.

This was the first life challenge I seen my mother have to overcome, but I know now it was not her first nor her last and I see this yet another life lesson in not accepting what you are given to move forward.

My mother, with the help of family members moved us back to her hometown where I now still live. She took a job as a waitress got us an apartment and our life continued. This continued as we grew, her taking at times multiple jobs to support our family until my siblings and I reached high school. At that point she went back to a vocational school to get her nursing license.

Looking back, I think this is where I learned you do what you have to, to get buy and persevere.

Again though soon she was dealt yet another set back. She was injured on the job working as a nurse at a mental health facility. At this point they wanted her to go on disability since she was no longer able to work that job.

Again with the never give up mind set she healed the best she could and decided again to return to school late in life achieving her masters and bachelors degree’s and returned back to work. In this job she has helped many overcome life’s struggles.

This she did many years until again an accident breaking her back caused her time off. Again they wanted her to retire and go on disability. Again she healed and continued.

Today at the age of 71 she still is working overcoming great set backs to achieve what she feels she was called to do. Help others.

One final part of this story in honor of my mother. Many years ago, I learned that my mother was put up for adoption as a child. During this time she spent many years at an orphanage until being adopted.

Many decades ago my mother had commented she would like to find her sister that was put up for adoption at the same time. I decided to start researching for and with her to locate that sister. Just recently we’ve located a sister by the same  parents that was born years later, but not yet the sister we had started looking for.

Just this past weekend these two sisters meet for the first time and was quite rewarding to experience this connection.

It was this meeting that inspired this post and really opened my eyes that if you keep trying never give up good things can happen.

My mother is my greatest role model on what it takes to endure, overcome against all odds and achieve great things.

I hope by me sharing this story with you, you too can realize that you can achieve great triumphs no matter what stage of life you are in.


The Month of August is for Great Triumphs

August was named in honor of the first Roman Emperor because it was a month of great triumphs. Make the month of August the month you conquer your challenges.


Going along with that frame of mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is our online empire. We do need to be aware though that online things happen quickly. In fact I think things happen online quicker than anywhere else.

You only have so many minutes if not seconds to make an impact on a potential customer when they visit your website. So one great triumph you can make in August is to review your website. One thing I would suggest is have someone review your website with you that way you can see your website through their eye’s and you can watch where they stumble or maybe not take the actions you thought they would.

Here is a short list of things you might check on your own website to see if you need to make improvements.

  • Is your branding present and does it give a clear message about who your business is?
  • Does your headline entice the visitor to read more as well as let them know what’s in it for them?
  • Make sure you have clear benefits for the visitor.
  • Always give the visitor something to do. Meaning if you are selling something give them opportunities to buy through out the page. If you are going for the opt-in, push for it. Same if you are a service company push the phone number or contact info. In other words don’t make them hunt for the option you want them to take.
  • Make sure your links look like links and your buttons are clear and concise with wording to take action.

That is just a few things you can do to improve actions and conversions on your website. By making just a few changes each week or even once a month you can conquer the these challenges on your website.

There are many things to conquer in our lives and to many to cover in one blog post so I just may make a series of being triumphant in August so check back and see what else may be in store for August on my site.

In the mean time if you would like a website critique or just have some questions you would like answered with your online business check out my Inner Circle Membership at

Mid Year Goals

July 1st will mark the mid-point of the year which has me thinking, what goals do I want to reach before the year expires?


Are the goals I set on the first of the year still goals I truly want to achieve still? Also are their goals on that list that are no longer relevant?

I think it is a wise idea to take a break mid-year and re evaluate what you would like to achieve for the remainder of the year.

Make sure to list goals and then reorganize on the items you want to achieve MOST.

What are some of the things you do mid-year?

Are any of them goal related and if so what do you do to get the most done in the remainder of the year?

Go ahead and comment below. I’d love to see what works for you.

WordPress Performance Tip

With so many sites these days utilizing WordPress software it is a good idea to keep up with maintenance and performance testing.

In this short video I review a plugin that will help determine which plugins are effecting site performance.

If you like this video and would like to see more videos like this check out my site.

The Way You Start Matters

As I approach the next milestone in my life, (The Big 50) I started thinking what would I have done different to get where I am today.


Then it dawned on me, what difference would it make now? I’m already to this point and honestly I have to say, I don’t think I would want to be anywhere else than where I am right now, today.

Sure, there are “life lessons” I wish I had not faced, stupid things I wish I would have thought first about and decisions I regret making. But I cannot change those things no matter how hard I try and it does me know good to waste time figuring it out.

I thought again for a brief second and said well maybe it would help others not make the same mistakes I did. But what are the chances of someone running into the same things I did? Or going the same route to get to the point where I am now?

So then I pondered, what would I like to change about where I am now? That, is something I can change moving forward. After all, I’m not at 50 yet and even then I think I have some time before I even start down the other side of the hill as they say.

Some things I thought about where personal things I want to continue improving like health and fitness, things I want to learn yet and things I’ve always wanted to try but have not pushed myself to do so.

There are also things in business such as, realizing the hard fact I can’t help everyone. I only have so many hours in the day and I do them and myself more harm by over committing my time.

I think one thing that will help that moving forward is determining the size of the project or task BEFORE saying yes!

I know I led in with “The Way You Start Matters” and it does, and that’s what I’m getting too. When we are “young” we don’t know where to start we just do it and we make mistakes and move on.

But thinking now, the biggest thing that will make a difference is how I start each new day. Focusing on the positive, that today I get to try something new; enjoy where I am; and try to make a difference so that TODAY is even better than the day before.

To do this I won’t have to change much I already start the day with reading some of the Bible, read a few quotes, check my favorite word games to see if it’s my turn and then look at what I have on my to do list for that day.

What I will change, is to take a moment, complete and cross of one small thing on my to do list that “I want” to achieve for that day before checking mail, support desks and attacking fires that have a risen.

By doing this I start the day in a way “I” like, learn a few things and be fresh for the day. This also helps me not start the day in a panic with “oh what did I not get finished yesterday” or “what hacks, support tickets, or fires are already awaiting me” and putting me in a “I have to hurry get these done so that maybe I can get to something on my goal list” frame of mind.

Yeah, I know it’s only a small thing but I think it will help me feel like I accomplished one thing starting the day. I can feel great that I did it and then get to things I need to do in a better frame of mind and in the long run get more done.

So the way you start your day maybe different then how I start my day but it does make a difference starting it on a positive note than in a panic or focusing on negative things that can put you in a frame of mind in which you just want to burry your head under the covers and not come out and play. ;)

I’m curious what do you do to start your day on a positive note? Add your comments below, thanks.