Life Lesson From A Youth Soccer Game

This weekend I got to see my grand daughters first soccer game. Exciting time for us all!

Not only did I get to watch the pride and excitement on my daughters face as she watched her daughter take the field but also the excitement and anxiousness of my four year old grand daughter as she got ready for the game and then take the field.


You’re probably wondering already what life lesson I could’ve possibly learned to this point.

Well truth is that before the game started I had started thinking how is this coach going to teach a team of 4 year olds about positions and placement let alone moving the ball and strategy.

15 minutes before the game and I really didn’t see any signs of game plan just handing out game shirts and warm ups and I’m getting a little concerned this is going to be a catastrophe 4 year olds running this way and that with no clue of what to do.

Then the game started…

Both teams square off at center field for the opening kick with both coaches on the field with their team. They point their players in the direction of the correct goal and say, “Kick that way”.

And they do!

Well that is until the ball goes past the goal and the have to reset them on the goal line and again, the point them to the correct goals and again “kick that way”.

And they do!

And sure enough, goals were scored and they played a full game (20 minutes at this age group).

After all of the high fives and team snacks and we’re on our way home it dawns on me. (Hint this is where the lesson comes in.) I over thought the whole thing! I was putting so much thought in the getting started and hadn’t considered THE GOAL.

So many times we allow ourselves to get so frustrated with the preparation we loose site of the end result. When in all actuality, we just need someone to point us in the direction of our goal and tell us to get kicking!

Of course as we learn “the game” it makes sense to study the game plan and understand your position and grow with the level of the competition we’re up against. Some times the game plan works and sometime it doesn’t and again we have to regroup position ourselves towards the goal and kick in that direction.

Responsive Design for Mobile Marketing

While updating a site for a push of the new version of WP Affiliate Toolbox I realized that I hadn’t checked the stats in awhile.

Generally this is something I try to do on a monthly basis but I tend to get a bit busy and well, as I’m sure the same thing happens with you checking stats gets knocked down the list.


Truthfully I think this is a major mistake with your website business and I always ask myself, “Why don’t you schedule time to make sure you check the stats?”

In this case in doing so I actually would’ve saved myself some time and worry during the design process. I was getting frustrated that the site wasn’t as responsive as I wanted.

Fist let me explain “responsive design”. That is a method in the design layout that allows images, videos and other design elements to re-size to fit the media the visitor is viewing the page on. In example instead of a desktop the site visitor was look at the web page on a mobile device such as a tablet or smart phone and the website would know to display the page to fit their device so they would not have to scroll left or right to see the full content.

While this is getting more and more important I feel it is even more important to know your traffic numbers. In my case 90.55% of the visitors thus far have been on a desktop browser while only 6.30% and 3.15% respectively for tablet and mobile.

Which tells me eventually I need to go back and adjust my site so everything looks spot on non-desktop devices but for now I can focus my attention on marketing, traffic and conversion.

Of course the most important thing to remember with any website is to get something up, get moving and test, test, test!

I’m curious what your mobile marketing numbers are for your industry. If you’re reading this right now add a comment below and let me know, maybe we can all learn a bit more how mobile buying is working around the web for other industries.

Your Website Tagline Is it Good Enough?

This is a mistake I’ve made and am working on correcting once I determine the words I want to use.

Maybe I’ll get some good feedback or suggestions from this post which will help achieve the goal I’m looking for.


I think for starters I should probably explain what a “tag line” is. The best definition I found states it as:

“A memorable phrase or sentence that is closely associated with a particular person or product”.

That “memorable phrase” should work with your mission statement for your company as well as fit in with your brand or service. With that being said I’m going to beat up on myself for this example as a case study.

In my website “title” which is displayed in the web browser description bar you will read “Web Strategist | Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy’s, Online Marketers Blog” which I feel tells who I am (That One Web Guy) and who this site is for (Online Marketers).

I argue with myself if “Online Marketers” is the right term or if it should be “Online Business Owners” but either case I think that works OK, but as I look at the “phrase or sentence” in my headline, logo or header graphic I think yeah so what it’s lacking or even poor.

Here is why I think that.

When someone comes to my site and looks at my logo there My Logo states That One Web Guy and I follow that with Frank Deardurff but the tag line “Web Strategist – Author – Graphic Artist” I think I’m sending a mixed message not to mention it leaves the visitor saying “So What! What are you going to do for me?”

My thoughts are to change it to something more like “Teaching you Online and Website Strategies to take control of your business”. To me that tells them what I do and says whats in it for them all though I think it might be a little lengthy it might be a starting point for the tagline that best fits and gets better traction with the visitor.

Here is a quick checklist that you might consider when creating your tagline.

1.) Is it consistent with your Message/Mission Statement?
2.) Does it tell the visitor what they’re going to get or what benefit it serves for them?
3.) Is it concise and to the point?

I would love to get your input on what makes a good tag line for your? Feel free to comment below and thanks in advance for posting. ;)

Is Your Online Business For Real?

I think this is one of the biggest reasons why so many online business fail.

It is not taking it seriously!


People want the dream of working from home and making money with an online business but they don’t take themselves or their online business seriously.

For many they work a full time job with the hopes of one day quitting because their online business has replaced their income from their job.

Others take the leap right from the start by quitting their daytime job and dabble at their online business and end up going back to work.

The dilemma I feel is the fact that an online business doesn’t appear to have an offline location to “go to” to do your job so often you don’t feel any different then being home taking a personal day playing online.

You then allow yourself to be distracted with social media, other family members that may be home, TV, etcetera.

This is where you need to set some ground rules for your self AND those who may know you are home.

Here is a quick list of things to help you to have more success with your online business.

- Set a time and space to work.
- Let others know this is your “Do Not Disturb” time.
- Create action items or goals for the day.

[I like to use a free online app called Asana]

- Close all distractions i.e. social media, email, chat clients.

[Set aside set media times during your day maybe 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon to check messages. Don't leave them open or you will find yourself sneaking a peek.]

- Attack those goals and actions.
- Be sure to take breaks, stand up walk around, grab some water.

[One of the biggest health issues of working online is not stretching and keeping well hydrated. This causes fatigue and makes us loose interest and grow tired quicker which causes distractions.]

- Near the end of the day check off your action items that you completed, allow your self to feel good that you crossed items off instead of beating yourself up for not getting it all done. We often add more items than humanly possible to achieve for one day.
- Add any items to your goals or task list that you’ve thought of so you are a step a head for tomorrow.
- Relax at the end of the day give yourself some time to recharge your batteries.

This is just a quick list, obviously each of these could be detailed a bit more but maybe this will help you take yourself and your online business more seriously to achieve the dream you are striving for.